FAQ - frequently asked questions

Ok. If you are here on this page now this means that you might be looking for some clarifying questions about how to download Tiktok photos and videos. So, have a look below and find the most commonly asked questions about one of the best Tiktok Downloaders and the answers to them.

What is DDDtik.com and why you might need it for?

Downloading videos from Tiktok now is possible by using DDDtik.com. It is the easiest and most convenient way to download videos from Tiktok

DDDtik.com and its advantages:

  1. By just inserting an url you will get fast access to it.
  2. If there is any desired video in a public Tiktok post, now you can download it directly.
  3. The videos that are downloaded for Tiktok are of high quality.
  4. No need for extra adware programs when downloading from Tiktok.

A Note to the right holders:

Dear right holders, please bear in mind that DDDtik.com does not store any files or does not publish any links on its servers. All your files are stored on the official website of Tiktok and if consider that your copyright has been violated please contact the administration Tiktok.com

Where are the downloaded files stored?

Well, normally you go to the latest downloading list, by pressing Ctrl + J, and it also depends on how your operating system and browser are set, as it can open also in a new browser tab. Once you get the list then you will see how to find the storage of your downloaded files.

What is the quality of the content downloaded by DDDtik?

All videos are of the same quality as the owner’s uploaded one. No change of the content!

Is downloading private Tiktok posts prohibited?

The is No prohibition for downloading videos, which are published on Tiktok. All content that is posted in an open space can be downloaded freely. The restrictions are only applied for the reuse of this content, particularly when being used for commercial goals. In this case, it is required to give all credits to the authors.

What operating system can I use to download Tiktok videos?

All operating systems (iOS, Android, Linux, etc.) that have also an installed browser like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc can be used for downloading Tiktok posts. In case you want to download large video make sure you have enough memory on your device, then you need only to copy, paste the URL, and press the download button.

Can I download multiple videos at a time with DDDtik?

Unfortunately, you cannot! The DDDtik video downloader will help you download videos only one at a time. Our advice will be to create a document where you have all your links copied and then paste them in turn onto our Tiktok Video Downloader. You will even get the chance not to miss any of the posts you want to save from Tiktok.

What device can I use to download Tiktok videos?

You can use whatever device you have and is suitable to you and has a web browser, like a PC, a desktop, a laptop, or a Mac, or an iPhone, or any other smartphone. The DDDtik is a web tool, a cloud-based service, which does not require to be installed. What you need is to copy the URL from Tiktok and paste it into the tool. As we said: easy and time-saving!

What is the quality of the Tiktok videos that I save through this video downloader?

All videos that you download from Tiktok will be saved in the same quality (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc), which they have been uploaded in the post. Our Tiktok Downloader is meant to keep up with the same quality as the original videos. Quality always matters and we know that!